The Venue

Bangabandhu Military Museum is currently the most desired venue for visitors of Dhaka. 3D Art Museum is located at the Exhibition Hall .There are total 75+ arts painted by the talented and award winning artists of the country.

Special note
1. Entry ticket is only applicable for the specified date & time
2. Ticket price is only 200tk per person per show
3. 3D Art World is closed on every Wednesday and national holidays.***
4. The validity of the tickets are limited to the reserved slot and date
5. 3D Art World Authority reserve the right of closing the show date
6. All visitors are expected to show their best possible attitudes while visit
8. Authority of 3D Art World is always ready to serve highest level service to all the national and
international visitors.

Gallery Visiting Schedule (Weekdays)

Exhibition ScheduleTime slot
Gallery Visiting Schedule10:00-11:30AM

Gallery Visiting Schedule (Friday closed)

Exhibition Schedule Time slot
Gallery Visiting Schedule 03:00-04:30PM

The Venue