Terms and Conditions

Welcome to 3dartworld.net. Before using the services of 3D Art World please be sure to read carefully and thoroughly understand the Terms of Use including but not necessarily limited to this Terms of Use of 3D Art world.

Online Ticketing
You will use the 3dartworld.net Online Ticketing System facility to make only legitimate E-Ticketing. You can purchase online for a maximum of 5(Five) viewers in a single mobile number which can be a combination of adults and children. You are responsible for the correctness of the age of children and online purchase by you online. Purchase of the ticket within 30 min’s of show start cannot be made through our web portal. Please contact the “3dartworld.net” office for current ticket(s). You are responsible to read all ‘Price/Fare rules’ mentioned on each web page displayed while purchase on our
website. The 3D Art World will consider accepting these notes and rules if you complete the purchase process. The viewers are requested to confirm the timeslot, and date from the “3dartworld.net” office or through the website in advance while purchasing the ticket. 3D Art World assumes no responsibility whatsoever on account of delay or cancellation of the visit for any reason whatsoever including change in the show schedule.

Age & Warranty
You confirm that you are of sufficient legal age to use this service, and you possess the legal right and ability to create binding obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the use of this service. You warrant that all information supplied by you and members of your family in using the purchase facility is true and accurate.

Rights & Restrictions
3dartworld.com and its owner/licensors retain all rights with respect to all software and underlying information and material available through the 3dartworld.com E-Ticketing system. You must not download or otherwise export or re-export any software or underlying information or material available through the 3dartworld.net .

Prohibition of Unlawful Use
You will not use the 3dartworld.net online purchase facility to make any speculative, false, or fraudulent reservation. You will not use this Website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Conditions of Use. You must not: use the 3dartworld.net online purchase facility for any activity which breaches any law; or use the 3dartworld.com.

Issuance of E-Ticket
Make a purchase and pay online by debit/credit card, mobile wallet or internet banking. Print an E-ticket on your personal printer and present it at the check-in counter. It is mandatory to produce an E-ticket at the check-in point.

Terms & Conditions for E-Ticket
The image of the ticket purchased by you is stored on the www.3dartworld.net server. Once the ticket is purchased the system will generate a printable copy of the Ticket and the same will be displayed on your PC. You should print this ticket(s) and use it for your access to the entrance gate. To enter the hall room and for check-in, you must present the original printout of the Ticket(s). You should not mutilate, tear or make multi-folds on your printout of the Ticket(s).