Management Profile

Naser Mohsin

Managing Director
Creativity is not measured by money, rather is facilitated over time as a result of nurturing the inner peace, love, and affection! It is a call of heart! Understanding and bonding is any day more effective than power and pressure. Naser Mohsin, the entrepreneur of Third Eye Solutions is a strong believer of this. Ever since he can recall, he always dreamt of doing something more than what one may consider typical. Something large, not just for an organization that he was determined to start but for the country as a whole. Something that would imprint another significant mark on the ever-growing image of the county Bangladesh. Bringing an agency to live was never an easy and not to mention running it while too having to face the spontaneous challenges that arise every day in order to stand high and apart amidst the fast evolving and sprouting mushroom agencies across the country. It is everyday struggle that cant be lazed away from. He started his struggle from his very first job at the Radisson where raced against the doubts of all concerns when he undertook his first project of arranging a Children’s Costume party in 2009. Maintaining the quality and too executing something never executed in such scale, awestruck guests and prospects. That was the first step in attaining the confidence of his clients and has never failed to maintain the expectations till date. His passions and commitments has always kept up with him. His passion to travel, discover and experience life and places encouraged him to start with his travel agency “Foring” and had very quickly grabbed travelers and adventurers TOM and preference from the very beginning since year 2015. His interest soon grabbed the business to rent out all the digital LED Screens in Bashundhara city while giving special consideration to the clients of Third Eye Solutions Ltd. and also helping the brands gets an extra mileage from such Branding Opportunity. “Wrong Bodley Rongin Kori” is a campaign for Berger that just is very difficult to miss one’s eyes and appreciation and is the campaign that is held as one of the first prideful step of Third Eye Solutions Ltd.